Advancing Awareness, Transparency & Education for Greater Resilience in the Built Environment

'Must-knows' for Every Consumer Looking to Buy or Renovate a Home

This guide aims to help you better protect your family, pocketbook and peace of mind from damages that natural hazards can cause to homes. Download the complete guide and/or individual checklists for the hazards present in your region*. Use early in the neighborhood screening and house comparison process.

* Note: All locations face a fire hazard. These links can help you determine what other hazards you may need consider in your area (US only):

Developed by Resilience Action Fund (RAF) and the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH). All copyrights jointly owned by RAF and FLASH.

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Buyers Guide to Resilient Homes

Earthquake Checklist

Flood Checklist

Hurricane Checklist

Tornado Checklist

Wildfire Checklist