Advancing Awareness, Transparency & Education for Greater Resilience in the Built Environment

How Public Policies and Private Interests Gamble with Lives and Property in the face of Disaster Hazards

In this pioneering book a career industry insider and 9-11 survivor puts the spotlight on why the multi-trillion dollar US built environment is increasingly failing.

His analysis exposes those policies and interests that, to this very day, are the root cause of this failure. In easy-to-understand language he demystifies how the building and insurance industries work and the role played by government. The book extracts 30 lessons for all nations that aim to build a more disaster-resilient future. Guaranteed to stir building, policy and sustainability circles, it signals a time for change!

Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability - 2nd Edition

What You'll Learn

Four Risk Principles

There are four principles or ‘laws’ governing disaster risk. Learn about the primary driver of increased disaster risk in recent history and its only antidote.

Workings and History of Property Insurance

Understand the workings and history of property insurance. Why it failed to anticipate the major disasters of recent decades and how government policies are driving it away from the business, while in its place taxpayers are left to hold the bag.

Learn to Avoid Similar Pitfalls

Extract lessons from US experience that can help other countries avoid similar pitfalls, as they increasingly invest in their built environment. It is not too late for the US to apply these either.

How a Superpower is the World’s Leader in Disaster Losses

Learn how a superpower invested trillions in its built environment but now finds itself the world’s leader in disaster economic losses with large part of it vulnerable to natural hazards. Understand the role played by government policies and private interests in creating a building system that to this very day underperforms. Uncover those who benefit from non-resilience and obstruct changing the status quo.

Embrace Resilience of the Built Environment

Understand why environmentalists should embrace resilience of the built environment. Learn how green and resilient movements can better relate to and work with each other in order to achieve a more sustainable future.

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About the Author


Aris Papadopoulos, Resilience Action Fund founder, construction industry veteran and global resilience leader, is armed with decades of inside experience and solid academic credentials. He served as founding chair of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s Private Sector Initiative, currently called UNDRR-ARISE.

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