Advancing Awareness, Transparency & Education for Greater Resilience in the Built Environment
Built to code
and sold with a permit
Whether wind, water, earthquake or fire, why didn’t it last?
You survived, but lost a lifetime of memories and big part of your wealth.
Did those who allowed, built and sold this ‘affordable’ house not know it could happen? By now they should. Demand we all have a right to a Disaster-Resilient Home.
This Family live in a Resilient home.
What about yours?
Codes in most locations are set at the lowest possible level to make homes affordable. Means they're not built to withstand serious wind, water, earthquake or fire hazards. At best, you'll have just enough time to escape. Those made aware know they have a choice.
Code-plus homes protect family and property
All have permits,
but which survives... A,B or C?
Most often you don't know. No one tells you: Not the Realtors, Not the MLS, Not the Government. They only say: permitted. One of life's most important purchases, but on resilience you're in the dark. Seen the kitchen, family room and closets; what you haven't seen may cause you to loose it all. A permit doesn't make it resilient.
Rated "Green"
but is it Resilient?
Green buildings are about resource efficiency.
But will they survive when wind, water, fire or earthquakes put them to the test? If they end-up in landfills, it will be a double waste of precious natural resources. Before you invest in green, make sure you're resilient.
Platinum today and flat tomorrow is not sustainable.
Will your business survive
when disaster strikes?
FEMA reports 45% of businesses don't re-open following a disaster;
another 20% shut down within a year. Will you be one of them? Businesses risk losing not only property, but also clients, revenues and reputation.
Change your odds by investing in, or renting, a code-plus building.
Protect your business in a resilient building.
Insuring Disasters
is not the Cure.
Insurance is great for sharing residual risk, when everyone is doing the right thing. If everyone is disaster-prone, it only leads to higher premiums.
It's why governments have become 'insurers' of last resort; and in the process lose billions of taxpayer–meaning your–money. The best insurance is code-plus resilience.
Who Represents your Interests
at Code Hearings?
Unlike other issues, no public-service watchdog groups are here to fight for you. Instead hearings are monopolized by building and real estate interests, who all too willingly sacrifice your resilience for their profit – all in the name of ‘affordability’. No wonder codes often fail us.
Speak up on your right to a disaster-resilient home

Our Mission:

To Empower Consumers and Policy-Makers with the Knowledge and Tools to Withstand Natural and Climate Hazards with Long-Lasting and Resilient Homes & Communities.






Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability - 2nd Edition

Aris Papadopoulos’ next book expected to be published in late 2024 and will address the economics of resilience

The first book (2nd edition) is available in English, Spanish and as an English audiobook.  It provides an important foundation to appreciate his forthcoming second book.

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