Advancing Awareness, Transparency & Education for Greater Resilience in the Built Environment
Resilience Action Fund Program


Public Awareness Resilience Books

Much of the literature on resilience is either irrelevant to the built environment, or too technical and academic for the public reader. Resilience Action Fund aims to fill this gap with publications and films that the common person can easily comprehend and put to use in their private or business lives. This also includes policymakers who are often overwhelmed and baffled by confusing, contradictory and self-serving information from public, semi-public or business sources.


Until now the criteria and process by which built environment resilience decisions are made and implemented have been a ‘black box’, closely-guarded by interests who benefit from the status quo. RAF’s authors have former insider experience, know how the system works and realize the problems it creates. They are now free to critique and share this knowledge with the public.


RAF’s first book is ‘Resilience–The Ultimate Sustainability: Lessons from Failing to Develop a Stronger and Safer Built Environment’, by founder Aris Papadopoulos.

RAF is looking for authors around the globe, who feel aligned with its goals, and invites them to discuss writing (or co-writing) a book.

In order to attract a wide public audience, RAF aims to keep its retail prices below $10 for electronic books and below $20 for hardcopy versions. It will freely distribute its film materials.

To do so, it has become its own editor, publisher, distributor and promoter. RAF encourages its book authors to contribute all book proceeds to its non-profit causes.