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Resilience Action Fund Program


Grassroots Resilience Implementation
One such pioneering initiative is led by Smart Home America (SHA), a grassroots non-profit organization out of Mobile, Alabama ( SHA on its own has become the leader in promoting, developing and certifying Fortified homes. Fortified is a resilient construction and rating standard developed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS).

Over the past 5 years SHA has certified over a 15,000 homes in the vulnerable Gulf coastline. SHA was able to secure incentives from state governments and local insurance companies to incentivize its program. It is now looking to transfer knowledge and experience to other vulnerable areas.

RAF has advised SHA during the past 5 years, supporting its efforts to grow its resilience base, expand to commercial buildings and transplant its successful model to other areas.

Mark Samuelian Award in Urban Resilience for 2023

Celebrating his life, values & legacy in building a more resilient future.