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Tampa NBC asks RAF on homeowner hurricane tips

There are ways to reduce wind & water damage to homes at all budget levels. Make resilience your renovation or remodelling priority.

NBC 8 in Tampa turned to RAF Chair Aris Papadopoulos to offer homeowners tips on how they can better protect their homes for a hurricane. Host Gayle Guyardo of the Bloom Show made this a feature during the National Emergency Preparedness Month of September.

While nothing beats picking a location and building that can withstand at Cat4+ storm before buying and moving in, there still are things homeowners who find themselves in vulnerable locations and homes can do. And these don’t have to be that expensive or complicated either.

Listen to advice from a construction veteran and resilience expert.

Then if you want to know more, take the resilient-smart quiz on RAF’s website and the 10-min crash course for consumers that follows.

Every family should be in a hazard-resilient home, but don’t wait for government to do it for you.


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