Resilience Action Fund Launches ‘Resilient-Smart Quiz’ to Educate Consumers on Home Resiliency

Sheltering, working and entertaining at home makes hazard-resilient houses more important than ever

NEWS RELEASE – August 13, 2020

Resilience Action Fund (RAF), a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public on more resilient homes and communities, today launched the Resilient-Smart Quiz, a first-of-its-kind online test to help educate consumers on identifying and choosing hazard-resilient homes when searching for real-estate.

The quiz is an easy-to-understand, four-question test that can be completed in two minutes using any internet accessible device. Upon completion, consumers receive a personal score and placement in one of five resilience categories. They can then click on the ‘Learn More and Improve’ link to access a 10-minute non-technical, printable, crash course on home resilience. From the results page, consumers can easily invite friends to take the quiz, share their score via social media, and receive a report comparing their score against others.

“More people now shelter, work and entertain at home, making hazard-resilient houses more important than ever,” said Aris Papadopoulos, Founding Chair of Resilience Action Fund. “Will your home withstand local hazards? Do you need to evacuate? Can you comfortably stay home during and after an event? How can you make better choices when looking to buy or rent a house? What renovations or remodeling do you prioritize in your budget? These are critically important questions and our Resilient-Smart Quiz is a useful awareness and education tool that provides the basic facts consumers need to begin answering them.”

The Resilient-Smart Quiz is intended for US consumers, but similar tests tailored to other global regions are expected soon.  RAF does not sell homes or any home-related services. The site assures that the information will not be used for commercial purposes.

To take the quiz, visit:

Download (PDF, 512KB)


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