Resilience Action Fund programs are organized along four main axes:

1. Publications

Generating, publishing, distributing and promoting books and other awareness, educational and communications materials, in all forms, consistent with the organizational mission.

2. Education

Support the development and operation of educational and training programs, including collaboration with major universities, consistent with the organizational mission.

3. Research

Sponsor, support and disseminate applied research, encompassing, among others, the areas of resilience economics, cost-benefit analyses, built environment data acquisition/platforms/processing, and consumer behavior, consistent with the organizational mission. This includes collaboration with other resilience organizations, research centers and major universities.

4. Action

Support, sponsor and collaborate with other organizations on implementing practical programs, initiatives and projects, consistent with the organizational mission.

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Help Fund the Global Public Education Documentary: 
'Is My Home Safe?'
Over 80% of home devastation is caused by four natural hazards: wind, water, fire and earthquakes.  Why are our homes so vulnerable to hazards?
*Money raised will benefit the Resilience Action Fund.

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