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Make this gift certificate any amount and share with you a friend, colleague or employee.

Gift Certificate of any amount – Example:

  1. You may purchase credit at any amount – Preferably in increments of 10 (as the E-Book is $10)
  2. Enter the amount of credit you would like to purchase. eg. 40 ($40 for 4 people – minimum $10)
  3. Quantity can adjusted, if you want to purchase more than one credit, i.e., A credit for $20 in the form of gifts of $10 each for 2 people. You would enter 10 in provided box and increase quantity to 2.
  4. You then go through normal purchase process – Add to cart > checkout > payment, etc.
  5. On checkout page, You may enter recipient’s details, if you would like to forward the credit to someone else.
  6. After payment is completed, a credit is generated and forwarded via e-mail to recipient(s).
  7. You will be informed with an acknowledgement e-mail.
Purchasing Credit will not grant the buyer access to the E-Book.

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