The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) and Resilience Action Fund have agreed to jointly develop and promote a first-of-its-kind Resilient-Smart Homebuyers Guide. This is expected be available in print and online by Q2-2020.

Most homebuyers have little to no knowledge of the hazard vulnerability of the location and house they are looking to buy. The property industry does a poor job informing them, preferring to steer buyers’ attention to cosmetic features. Inspectors focus on wear and tear and code violations. Finally, government information is generally difficult to access, consumer unfriendly and overly focused on emergency preparation.

With a home being the most important investment most consumers will make, the foundation of wealth building, the intended shield from hazards and the presumed haven for lifetime possessions and memories, RAF and FLASH have decided to help homebuyers become more resilient-smart.

This free guide will include rules of thumb on what to look for when evaluating neighborhoods and specific homes. It will provide checklist forms, questions to ask and ways to do your own detective-work, even if you are not an engineer or building expert. It will also provide help on things should consider doing, if you decide to buy or already live in a vulnerable house.

With 7-8 million US homes purchased annually and a rising rate of property losses from natural hazards, the Resilient-Smart Homebuyers Guide is viewed as long overdue.

Early 2019 FLASH and RAF signed a partnership agreement to collaborate on this and other needed consumer resilience projects.

Photo: RAF Chair Aris Papadopoulos with FLASH CEO Leslie Henderson

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